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This project, ‘A Woman’s World’, is based on how, from my own perspective, it feels to be a woman in this day and age, with the pressures from peers and the online world. I wanted to express several different pressures or demonstrate common routines that young women go through on a day to day basis, this ranging from makeup application to the pressure to comply with certain image expectations. As social media has grown over the years, and continues to grow, these expectations also continue to grow, and I feel that young people are susceptible to feeling the effects of this, therefore wanted to demonstrate some thoughts that may be going through some women’s heads, and chose photography to do so.

At the beginning of the project, I looked at a couple of photographers who I found via Instagram; Evija Laivina and Ashley Armitage and who boosted the beginning of my ideas – thinking about different concepts and meanings associated with women and beauty. As the project developed, I looked at photographers such as Jo Anne Callis and Tania Franco Klein, who helped me develop more of my photographic style within the images – the use of varied angles, lighting and model positioning/posing.

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