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‘Goods Inwards’ is a study and observation of how the purpose of Industrial Estates have changed and evolved over time. Based at Kernick Industrial Estate, the work shows characteristics of the area which may be overlooked, making the viewer notice the un-noticeable. Having related to the work of New Topographics, a quote from Lewis Baltz is significant: ‘What I was interested in was the phenomena of the place. Not the thing itself, but the effect of it: the effect of this kind of urbanization, the effect of this kind of living, the effect of this kind of building.’ (Lewis Baltz, From Financial Times Magazine, 2015). Goods Inwards is a progression on from the intent of New Topographics – rather than looking at the immediate effects of the industrialization, it studies the effects of societal development in terms of how the area has once thrived, and now declined – maybe much like the circle of life. 


•BALTZ, L from CAMPANY, D. Fast World, Slow Photography. (2013) Available at Accessed 20.11.19 

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